Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane

Junior sprinter Jazmine Brown has made a name for herself on the track over the last two years at Adrian College. The Port Huron native has put together an impressive resume that has not been seen at the College in quite some time. She burst onto the scene as a freshman in 2013 and was named All-MIAA in track and field. Brown placed second in the 100-meter dash at Field Day and also ran third in the 200-meter dash. Fast forward to her sophomore year and you see the exact same results during the 2014 Field Day. Brown again finished second in the 100-meter dash lowering her time by 0.16 and was third in the 200-meter dash lowering her time by 1.03 seconds. She again was awarded All-MIAA mention and currently holds the school record in the indoor and outdoor 200-meter dash.

Jazmine entered this year and felt like she needed to slow down a little bit. That is easier said than done for the fastest female on campus. She had a great opportunity to travel to Italy and study aboard during the first semester and figured it was a great way to experience life.

"I made the decision to study abroad last May and it offered me a chance to experience a different lifestyle," said Brown. "I had heard other students talk about their journey and it really got me excited. I knew that I would miss running in the fall, but also it was a way to rest my body."

Brown selected to attend Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy. Florence is described as an artist's haven and a small city that has preserved the essence of the Renaissance. It gives the impression of living in an outdoor museum and stands out as a cultural, historical and academic hot spot in Italy. Jazmine is a communications major at Adrian College and took several courses that were really fascinating. A few of the courses that intrigued her most included: History of the Holocaust, Italian Language, Public Relations, Islamic Government and Globalization (Foreign Policy).

The biggest thing that Brown took out of the experience was that she has become more confident, independent and calm. She had the opportunity to take life at a slower pace and really appreciate the things that are important.

"I noticed that where I stayed and lived was a very calming influence on me," commented Brown. "I think myself and most Americans are very uptight and need to have a strict routine. I got to witness different backgrounds and philosophies which have made me a better person. It is refreshing to take a step back and realize not to worry about the little things."

Brown also had a chance to run in a 10-kilometer race with proceeds benefitting breast cancer care and research during her semester overseas. She met some really cool people from other colleges and universities. Brown shared a living space with students from Oregon, Australia, Colorado, South Dakota and Minnesota. While graduation is still a while away, she wants to return to Europe and backpack once her undergraduate days are over.

Life in the Fast Lane
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