Adrian College Women's Hockey Tradition And All-Time Honors

All-America (12 student-athletes 31 times)
2011--Emily Michelin, Freshman, Goalie, AHCA/CCM First Team
2012--Kelly Salis, Senior, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2013--Brittany Zeches, Senior, Goalie, AHCA/CCM First Team 
2013--Alix Vallee, Junior, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM First Team
2014--Alix Vallee, Senior, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM First Team; First Team
2014--Kelsey Kusch, Junior, Forward, First Team; AHCA/CCM Second Team
2014--Kristin Lewicki, Freshman, Forward, All-Rookie Team
2015--Jade Walsh, Sophomore, Goalie, First Team; AHCA/CCM Second Team
2015--Kelsey Kusch, Senior, Forward, USCHO Third Team
2016--Brooke Lupi, Freshman, Forward, Division III Women's Rookie of the Year 
2016--Sydney Smith, Junior, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM First Team; First Team; First Team; HERO Sports
2016--Kristin Lewicki, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team; Second Team; Second Team
2016--Kaylyn Schroka, Junior, Forward, HERO Sports 
2016--Jade Walsh, Junior, Goalie, HERO Sports
2017--Chad Davis, AHCA/CCM Coach of the Year
2017--Kristin Lewicki, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team; First Team
2017--Kelly O'Sullivan, Freshman, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM First Team; Second Team (also Division III Women's Rookie of the Year)
2017--Sydney Smith, Senior, Defenseman, First Team; AHCA/CCM Second Team
2017--Kaylyn Schroka, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team; Second Team 
2017--Sarah Shureb, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team; Second Team 
2017--Brooke Lupi, Sophomore, Forward, Third Team All-Region (5 student-athletes 5 times)
2016--Sydney Smith, Junior, All-West First Team Defenseman 
2016--Kristin Lewicki, Junior, All-West First Team Forward
2016-- Jade Walsh, Junior, All-West Second Team Goalie 
2016--Kaylyn Schroka, Junior, All-West Second Team Forward
2016--Logan Taylor, Senior, All-West Third Team Forward

NCAA Division III Championship Appearances (3)
2011--First Round (Rochester Tech, L 10-1)
2016--First Round (Elmira, L 3-1)
2017--National Runner-Up (Plattsburgh State, L 4-3, OT); Semifinals (Gustavus Adolphus, W 3-2, OT); First Round (Elmira, W 5-4, OT)

Conference Championships (3 regular-season + 3 postseason=6)
2011--O'Brien Cup Tournament (19-8-3 Overall, 13-4-3 NCHA)
2015--Kronschnabel Trophy Regular-Season (16-1-1 NCHA, 25-3-1 Overall)
2016--Kronschnabel Trophy Regular-Season (15-0-3 NCHA, 20-2-4 Overall), Slaats Cup Tournament
2017--Kronschnabel Trophy Regular-Season (18-0 NCHA, 28-3 Overall), Slaats Cup Tournament
(Note: Adrian did not have conference affiliation in 2008 and '09) 

All-Conference (23 student-athletes 35 times, including 2 Players of the Year, 3 Rookies of the Year, and 3 Coach of the Year)
2010--Brooke Zaleski, Sophomore, Forward
2010--Kelly Salis, Sophomore, Defense
2010--Jessica Grubbs, Junior, Honorable Mention Forward
2010--Dana Funkenhauser, Junior, Honorable Mention Defenseman
2010--Dana Timm, Senior, Honorable Mention Goalie
2011--Kelly Salis, Junior, Defense
2011--Emily Michelin, Freshman, Goalie
2011--Stacey Kempson, Senior, Honorable Mention Forward
2011--Olivia Rork, Junior, Honorable Mention Forward  
2011 All-Freshmen Team--Emily Michelin, Goalie
2012--Olivia Rork, Senior, Forward
2012--Kelly Salis, Senior, Defense
2012--Brittany Zeches, Senior, Goalie
2012--Hannah McGowan, Freshman, Honorable Mention Forward 
2012 All-Freshmen Team--Courtney Millar, Defense; Hannah McGowan, Forward
2013--Brittany Zeches, Senior, Goalie (NCHA Player of the Year)
2013--Kelsey Kusch, Sophomore, Forward
2013--Alix Vallee, Junior, Defense
2013--Danielle Smith, Junior, Honorable Mention Forward
2013--Kristin Maton, Senior, Honorable Mention Defenseman
2014--Kelsey Kusch, Junior, Forward
2014--Alix Vallee, Senior, Defense
2014 All-Freshmen Team--Kristin Lewicki, Forward and Rookie of the Year, Lexie Tzafaroglou, Defense
2015--Chad Davis, NCHA Coach of the Year, fifth season
2015--Kelsey Kusch, Senior, Forward
2015--Kristin Lewicki, Sophomore, Forward
2015--Sydney Smith, Sophomore, Defense
2015--Lexie Tzafaroglou, Sophomore, Defense
2015--Jade Walsh, Sophomore, Goalie
2016--Chad Davis, NCHA Coach of the Year, sixth season
2016 All-Freshmen Team--Brooke Lupi, Forward (NCHA Rookie of the Year)
2016--Kristine Zink, Fr., Sophomore, Defense
2016--Sydney Smith, Junior, Defense
2016--Kaylyn Schroka, Junior, Forward
2016--Kristin Lewicki, Junior, Forward 
2017--Chad Davis, NCHA Coach of the Year, seventh season
2017--Sydney Smith, Senior, Defense
2017--Kaylyn Schroka, Senior, Forward
2017--Kristin Lewicki, Senior, Forward
2017--Kelly O'Sullivan, Freshman, Defense
2017--Sarah Shureb, Senior, Forward
2017--Brooke Gibson, Senior, Goalie 
2017 All-Freshmen Team--Kelly O'Sullivan, Defense (NCHA Rookie of the Year)
(Note: Adrian did not have conference affiliation in 2008 and '09) 

Academic All-Conference (28 student-athletes 45 times) 
2010--Lauren Anastos, Junior, Forward (Farmington Hills, Mich), Biology
2010--Jessica Grubbs, Junior, Forward (Woodbridge, Va.), Athletic Training
2010--Danielle Maludy, Junior, Defense (Maumee, Ohio), Interior Design
2010--Nikki Potter, Sophomore, Defense (Canton, Mich.), Exercise Science 
2010--Dana Timm, Senior, Goalie (Southgate, Mich.), Argumentation and Advocacy
2011--Shana Davis, Junior, Forward (Casselberry, Fla.), Psychology and Business
2011--Meghan Smerecki, Junior, Goalie (Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.), Exercise Science 
2011--Lauren Anastos, Senior, Forward (Farmington Hills, Mich), Biology
2011--Jessica Grubbs, Senior, Forward (Woodbridge, Va.), Physical Therapy
2011--Danielle Maludy, Senior, Defense (Maumee, Ohio), Interior Design 
2012--Ashley Chinn, Junior, Forward (Fort Bragg, N.C.), Health Studies
2012--Sarah Connelly, Sophomore, Forward (Commerce, Mich.), Health Studies
2012--Emily Engel, Senior, Goalie (Mentor, Ohio), Biology
2012--Ashley Gniewek, Junior, Forward (Southgate, Mich.), Exercise Science 
2012--Brittany Zeches, Senior, Goalie (Westland, Mich.), Education
2012--Shana Davis, Junior, Forward (Casselberry, Fla.), Psychology and Business
2013--Lauren Turner, Junior, Forward (Thunder Bay, Ontario), Exercise Science
2013--Alexandra Vallee, Junior, Defense (Belleville, Ontario), Economics
2013--Sarah Connelly, Senior, Forward (Commerce, Mich.), Health Studies
2014--Kelsey Dupuis, Junior, Defense (Glenview, Ill.), Secondary Education-English
2014--Kelsey Kusch, Junior, Forward (St. Clair Shores, Mich.), Excercise Science
2014--Hannah McGowan, Junior, Forward (Redford, Mich.), Physical Education
2014--Lauren Turner, Senior, Forward (Thunder Bay, Ontario), Exercise Science
2014--Alexandra Vallee, Senior, Defense (Belleville, Ontario), Economics
2015--Sydney Dobbin, Sophomore, Defense (London, Ontario), Criminal Justice
2015--Emily Duncan, Sophomore, Forward (Alpena, Mich.), Biology
2015--Kelsey Dupuis, Senior, Defense (Glenview, Ill.), Secondary Education-English
2015--Brooke Gibson, Sophomore, Goalie (Strathroy, Ontario), Criminal Justice
2015--Lexie Tzafargolou, Sophomore, Defense (Livonia, Mich.), Biology
2015--Logan Taylor, Junior, Forward (Grosse Ile, Mich.), 
2015--Sydney Smith, Sophomore, Defense (Sarnia, Ontario), English Education
2015--Kelsey Kusch, Senior, Forward (St. Clair Shores, Mich.), Excercise Science
2015--Michelle Jones, Junior, Forward (Nelson, British Columbia), 
2015--Hannah McGowan, Senior, Forward (Redford, Mich.), Physical Education
2015--Bailey Robertson, Sophomore, Forward (Orange, Calif.), Athletic Training
2016--Emily Duncan, Junior, Forward (Alpena, Mich.), Biology
2016--Kelsey Dupuis, Fifth-Year Senior, Defense (Glenview, Ill.), Secondary Education-English
2016--Brooke Gibson, Junior, Goalie (Strathroy, Ontario), Psychology
2016--Rose Krasofsky, Sophomore, Forward (Plymouth, Mich.), Business
2016--Bailey Robertson, Junior, Forward (Orange, Calif.), Athletic Training
2016--Sydney Smith, Junior,  Defense (Sarnia, Ontario), English Education
2016--Logan Taylor, Senior, Forward (Grosse Ile, Mich.), Business Management
2016--Courtney Tyll, Junior, Forward (Chesterfield, Mich.), Business Management
2016--Lexie Tzafaroglou, Junior, Defense (Livonia, Mich.), Biology
2016--Kristine Zink, Sophomore, Defense (Canton, Mich.), Biology
(Note: Adrian did not have conference affiliation in 2008 and '09)  

NCHA Conference All-Tournament Team
2010--not available
2011--not available
2012--not available
2013--not available
2016--Kristin Lewicki, Junior, Forward 
2016--Kaylyn Schroka, Junior, Forward
2016--Shelly Czarnowczan, Freshman, Forward
2016--Jade Walsh (Most Valuable Player), Junior, Goalie
2017--Brooke Lupi, Sophomore, Forward
2017--Kristin Lewicki (Most Valuable Player), Senior, Forward
2017--Sydney Smith, Senior, Defense 
2017--Kelly O'Sullivan, Freshman, Defense
2017--Brooke Gibson, Senior, Goalie
(Note: Adrian did not have conference affiliation in 2008 and '09) 

All-Time Letterwinners
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