Chris Schornack Called Up to the Big Leagues

Chris Schornack
Chris Schornack

Chris Schornack has been used to stopping people from getting what they wanted as a goaltender of the ACHA Division III Gold team over the years. The native of Warren, Michigan however will now be letting the Detroit Tigers players have whatever they need. Schornack knew that impending graduation meant that he needed to find employment and his love for baseball led him to inquire about a position as a potential equipment manager. He searched in the world of baseball and hockey and knew that landing a coveted position would be difficult.

In a true hustle style, Schornack picked up the phone and began calling every Major League Baseball organization and their affiliates. Upon contacting every organization, he had run into a brick wall. It had seemed that there simply was no room in the various organizations. That did not deter Chris from making his dreams happen. After being fed up with dead ends, Schornack directly contacted Jim Schmakel, the head clubhouse and equipment manager of the Detroit Tigers. Chris began to sell himself and after a few minutes on the phone became a member of the Detroit Tigers clubhouse staff.

Schornack is currently at spring training with the Tigers in Lakeland, Florida and as a member of the clubhouse staff he is responsible for issuing equipment, maintaining a clean clubhouse and the less-glamorous job of doing the laundry. In addition, he is in charge of all incoming and outgoing packages that come through the clubhouse. Chris will finish with spring training and then come back to Adrian College with plans of graduating in the spring commencement.

"This is truly a dream come true for me being able to work with the Tigers," said Schornack. "I'm just getting started with spring training and been shuttling players from the airport which has been a very unique experience. I'm hoping to prove myself during the next few weeks and then see what assignment I get for the regular season. No matter was happens I'm grateful for this opportunity and will apply hard work I learned through being a student-athlete into this role."