Money Magazine Recognizes Adrian College as a 2016-17 Best College

Money Magazine Recognizes Adrian College as a 2016-17 Best College

ADRIAN, Mich. – Adrian College prides itself on making a quality liberal arts education affordable. Recently, Money Magazine, a well-reputed publication focused on financial management, again ranked the College among the best in its third annual list of 2016-2017 Best Colleges.

In the report, over 700 colleges and universities are identified according to overall value. Out of over 1500 schools evaluated, the magazine identified the top colleges that deliver a quality education. The publication also assigned each college and university a “value-added” grade based on its graduation rates, student loan defaults and post-graduate earnings.

The criteria used to determine their rankings included a wide range of assessments, applying 21 different measurements to evaluate each school to determine its final ranking. This provided a unique calculation that addressed three key categories: quality of education, affordability, and outcomes such as graduate earnings, earnings by major and career services programs.

  • Initial cut. MONEY screened out schools with graduation rates below the median and those facing financial difficulties.
  • Ranking factors. The remaining colleges were ranked on 21 factors in three equally weighted categories: educational quality, affordability, and alumni earnings from
  • Special value measure. Included: a “value added” grade that considered how well students at each school did vs. what would be expected given their economic and academic backgrounds and the institution’s mix of majors.
  • Focus on affordability. Among the factors considered: merit aid, parent and student borrowing, the length of time to graduate, tuition increases, and other measures.

In its report, Money Magazine tries to answer the questions that prospective students should be asking on their college tours: What is the graduation rate, net price (what’s the real tuition they’ll pay), how much do they and their parents have to borrow in loans, and will they learn any marketable skills that will help them get a job in order to pay back those loans?

“This accolade represents the efforts Adrian College has pursued to make each student’s experience a wholesome and productive one,” said Adrian College president, Dr. Jeffrey R. Docking. “We set out each day to distinguish the College for the value it represents to each family it serves.  This ranking serves as recognition of that emphasis.”

For a full review of the list, please visit Money Magazine online.

-- Adrian College Marketing Communications Office