Acrobatics and Tumbling Entertain King University on Sunday, Feb. 9

Acrobatics and Tumbling Entertain King University on Sunday, Feb. 9

ADRIAN, Mich. – The Adrian College Acrobatics and Tumbling team will be hosting their inaugural meet on Sunday, Feb. 9 beginning at 1:30 p.m. against King University (Tenn.). One of the newest additions to a burgeoning athletic department at Adrian College, the Acrobatics and Tumbling program is currently the only NCAA Division III team as well as the only team from the Midwest and the State of Michigan.

"This is an exciting time for women collegiate athletes and female coaches," said head coach Regina Smith. "I am excited to be a part of the NCATA as a coach. I have had the opportunity to meet the other coaches to help continue to watch how this sport develops and grows, and many who I have befriended over the years. Our Adrian College Acrobatics and Tumbling team is comprised from different backgrounds that include artistic gymnastics, all-star competitive cheerleading, acrobatics gymnastics, acrobatics dance, and trampoline and tumbling. We have worked extremely hard over the past months. This first meet I am sure we will all have a few jeeters, but I am pretty confident our team will perform to their fullest potential."

The meet will have free admission and the team encourages everyone to attend and experience the action. Adrian College is one of just 10 schools in the country that have a sponsored Acrobatics and Tumbling program. They are hoping to spread the word about the sport and are looking forward to possible expansion that can come from hosting a meet of this caliber.

The meet format will consist of six events that are sanctioned by the National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association (NCATA) and USA Gymnastics. The typical duration is roughly two hours with the following events: Compulsories, Acro, Pyramids, Tosses, Tumbling and Team Routine. A halftime intermission will take place between Tosses and Tumbling. All event competition is in team rotation throughout each event. The rotation order is predetermined by the Head Official prior to the beginning of the meet, but the home team always performs last. Highest combined score after all events wins the meet. The maximum score in each meet is 300 points.

Adrian College is pleased to announce that two highly respected people who have helped grow the sport will be in attendance on Feb. 9.

Felecia Mulkey is the head acrobatics and tumbling coach at the University of Oregon and has held that position for three competitive seasons. Mulkey's Ducks have captured the first three national championships and had the very first undefeated season going 11-0 in 2011-12. The Ducks have won their last 19 meets in two seasons heading into the 2013-14 season and Mulkey's influence has put the sport on the map. She has worked tirelessly in growing the sport and played a key role in submitting a bid to the NCAA to gain emerging sport status. Prior to the 2010-11 season, Mulkey was a catalyst in developing the scoring format that is currently in practice in acrobatics and tumbling meets. In addition to her coaching responsibilities, Mulkey is the Expansion Committee Chair with the NCATA.

Ron Jacobson is the Director of Program Development on the women's side at USA Gymnastics and has held that post since October 2011. Jacobson is responsible for overseeing the growth and educational development of acrobatic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling and group gymnastics. He previously was owner and tumbling coordinator for American Powerhouse, a trampoline and tumbling facility as well as a professional educator for Western Sierra Collegiate Academy and Portola High School. He also served as a coach for Feather River College and Portola High School.

To follow the Acrobatics and Tumbling program on social media, you can access their Instagram page (ac_acroandtumbling) and Facebook page (adrianacrobaticsandtumbling).