Bulldogs Finish Second in Tri-Meet with King and Concordia (Wis.)

Bulldogs Finish Second in Tri-Meet with King and Concordia (Wis.)

ADRIAN, Mich. – The acrobatics and tumbling team has continued to grow during the last few weeks and had their best showing on Sunday in a tri-meet with King and Concordia (Wis.). The Bulldogs finished second in the meet with a total of 229.67 points with King claiming 250.66 and Concordia (Wis.) with 228.12 points.

The compulsory event got off to a rocky start for the Bulldogs but during their third element called the toss heat they scored 9.5 out of 10 points and got the evening going emotionally. King led 35.4 after compulsory followed by the Falcons (28.8) and Bulldogs (26.35).

Adrian took over second in the acro event by scoring above nine points in each of three elements. They scored 27.8 out of 29.98 points while King had 28.95 and Concordia had 24.85. The pyramid event was very close amongst the three teams. King scored 28.8 points followed by Concordia (27.75) and Adrian (27.45).

At the halftime break, the cumulative scores were King (93.15), Adrian (81.60) and Concordia (81.40). The fourth event entitled toss included three elements. Adrian scored 7.95, 8.05 and 8.0 points and totaled 24 out of 27.20 points. They built a little distance between themselves and the Falcons who had 22.85 points.

The tumbling event gave King a chance to extend their lead overall with 47.05 points out of 52.8. Adrian scored 42.45 while Concordia had 42.25. The team event would decide second and third place. The Bulldogs and Falcons scored identical marks of 81.62 and Adrian had claimed second place.