Adrian College Men's Hockey Tradition And All-Time Honors

All-America (16 student-athletes 33 times)
2008--Adam Krug, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2010--Chris Stansik, Junior, Defense, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2010--Mike Dahlinger, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2011--Shawn Skelly, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2012--Chris Stansik, Senior, Defense, AHCA/CCM First Team
2012--Zach Graham, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2013--Zach Graham, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2013--Shaquille Merasty, Freshman, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2014--Duston Hebebrand, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2015--Kyle Brothers, Freshman, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2015--Josh Ranalli, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team
2015--Ryan Gieseler, Senior, Defense, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2016--Chris Leone, Senior, Defense, AHCA/CCM First Team; Second Team
2016--Cory Dunn, Freshman, Defense, HERO Sports; AHCA/CCM Second Team; Third Team
2017--Cory Dunn, Sophomore, Defense, AHCA/CCM First Team; First Team
2017--Trevor Boyd, Sophomore, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2018--Cory Dunn, Junior, Defense, AHCA/CCM First Team, Second Team
2018--Taylor McCloy, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Third Team
2018--Mathew Thompson, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team, Second Team
2019--Cory Dunn, Senior, Defense, AHCA/CCM First Team, First Team
2019--Braden Hellems, Senior, Defense, AHCA/CCM Second Team
(Note: Cory Dunn '19 is just the second player in NCAA Division III history and one of only four skaters ever in NCAA men's hockey to earn four AHCA All-America certificates. He also is the only defenseman in the history of the game to be honored as such).

College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) Academic All-America (2 student-athlete 2 times)
2017--Michael Hoy, Men's At-Large Third Team, Senior, Defenseman
2019--Braden Hellems, Men's At-Large Third Team, Senior, Defenseman

American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) All-America Scholars (13 student-athletes 14 times)
2018--Nikita Babintsev, Freshman, Goaltender
2018--Blake Butzow, Senior, Defenseman
2018--Nick Erb, Junior, Forward
2018--Braden Hellems, Junior, Defenseman
2018--Dean Hewines, Freshman, Defenseman
2018--Andrew "Bud" Madej, Sophomore, Defenseman 
2018--Chase Matson, Senior, Forward 
2018--Austin Rust, Senior, Forward
2019--Brian Bachnak, Senior, Forward
2019--Braden Hellems, Senior, Defenseman
2019--Niko Coffman, Junior, Defenseman  
2019--Matt Eller, Freshman, Defenseman 
2019--Brandon Marinelli, Freshman, Defenseman
2019--Bryce Van Horn, Junior, Forward 

NCAA Division III Championship Appearances (8)
2010--First Round (St. Norbert, L 4-3)
2011--National Runner-Up (Elmira, W 5-3; Oswego State, W 5-3; St. Norbert, L 4-3)
2013--National Quarterfinals (Oswego State, L 3-2)
2014--National Quarterfinals (St. Norbert, L 7-2)
2015--National Semifinals (Oswego State, W 5-4; Trinity-Conn., L 5-3)
2016--National Quarterfinals (Wisconsin-Stevens Point, L 5-2)
2017--National Semifinals (Wisconsin-Stevens Point, W 6-3; Norwich, L 5-4 in overtime)
2018--National Quarterfinals (vs Wisconsin-Stevens Point, L 5-2)

Conference Championships (17 titles=10 regular season+7 tournament)
2008--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (19-1, 26-3 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2009--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (20-0, 27-1-1 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2010--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (20-0, 24-4 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2011--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (18-1-1, 25-4-1 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2012--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (17-2-1, 20-6-1 overall)
2013--MCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (17-0-3, 23-2-3 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2015--NCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (16-1-1, 24-4-3 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2016--NCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (17-2-1 South Division, 24-4-1 overall), Harris Cup Tournament
2017--NCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (17-3 South Division)
2018--NCHA Peters Cup Regular-Season (17-1 South Division)
(Note: Adrian has won NCHA South Division titles from 2016-2019) National Team of the Week
Chris Leone (Senior, Defense) Week of Nov. 10, 2015
Mathew Thompson (Sophomore Forward) Week of Nov. 10, 2015
Chris Leone (Senior Defense) Week of Nov. 17, 2015
Chris Leone (Senior Defense) Week of Dec. 8, 2015
Michael Hoy (Junior Defense) Week of Dec. 15, 2015
Adam Davies (Senior Defense) Week of Jan. 5, 2016
Cory Dunn (Freshman Defense) Week of Jan. 20, 2016
Mathew Thompson (Sophomore Forward) Week of Jan. 20, 2016
Chris Leone (Senior Defense) Week of Jan. 26, 2016
Cory Dunn (Freshman Defense) Week of Feb. 16, 2016
Bryan Yim (Freshman Forward) Week of Feb. 16, 2016
Cory Dunn (Freshman Defense) Week of Feb. 23, 2016
Chris Leone (Senior Defense) Week of Mar. 1, 2016

Cory Dunn (Sophomore Defense) Week of Nov. 30, 2016
Vincent Paquette (Freshman Forward) Week of Nov. 30, 2016
Vinny Post (Freshman Forward) Week of Dec. 7, 2016
Michael Hoy (Senior Defense) Week of Feb. 1, 2017
Cory Dunn (Sophomore Defense) Week of Feb. 22, 2017

Austin Rust (Senior Forward) Week of Nov. 8, 2017
Cory Dunn (Junior Defense) Week of Nov. 15, 2017
Cory Dunn (Junior Defense) Week of Dec. 5, 2017
Mathew Thompson (Senior Forward) Week of Jan. 9, 2018
Cory Dunn (Junior Defense) Week of Jan. 30, 2018
Kevin Entmaa (Junior Goaltender) Week of Jan. 30, 2018
Dean Hewines (Freshman, Defense), Week of Feb. 15, 2018 
Taylor McCloy (Senior, Forward), Week of Feb. 21, 2018

Dino Balsamo (Junior, Forward), Week of Nov. 1, 2018
Cory Dunn (Senior, Defense), Week of Nov. 1, 2018
Cory Dunn (Senior, Defense), Week of Nov. 15, 2018 
Bryan Yim (Senior, Forward), Week of Nov. 15, 2018
Braden Hellems (Senior, Defense), Week of Nov. 20, 2018
Braden Hellems (Senior, Defense), Week of Dec. 12, 2018

All-Conference (26 student-athletes 50 times)
2008--Adam Krug, Junior, Forward (MCHA Player of the Year)
2008--Eric Miller, Freshman, Forward
2008--Shawn Skelly, Freshman, Forward
2008--Chris Stansik, Freshman, Defense
2008--Quinn Waller, Freshman, Defense
2008--Brad Fogal, Freshman, Goalie
2008 All-Freshmen Team--Brad Fogal, Eric Miller, Shawn Skelly, Quinn Waller
2009--Adam Krug, Senior, Forward
2009--Eric Miller, Sophomore, Forward
2009--Shawn Skelly, Sophomore, Forward (MCHA Player of the Year)
2009--Chris Stansik, Sophomore, Defense
2009--Quinn Waller, Sophomore, Defense
2009--Brad Fogal, Sophomore, Goalie
2009--Ron Fogarty, MCHA Coach of the Year, second season
2010--Mike Dahlinger, Junior, Forward (MCHA Player of the Year)
2010--Sam Kuzyk, Junior, Forward
2010--Shawn Skelly, Junior, Forward
2010--Jeremy Klaver, Junior, Defense
2010--Chris Stansik, Junior, Defense
2010--Brad Fogal, Junior, Goalie
2010 All-Freshmen Team--Zach Graham, Forward 
2011--Mike Dahlinger, Senior, Forward
2011--Eric Miller, Senior, Forward
2011--Shawn Skelly, Senior, Forward
2011--Jeremy Klaver, Senior, Defense
2011--Quinn Waller, Senior, Defense
2011--Brad Fogal, Senior, Goalie
2011 All-Freshmen Team--Josh Cousineau, Forward
2012--Josh Cousineau, Sophomore, Forward
2012--Zach Graham, Junior, Forward (MCHA Player of the Year)
2012--Chris Stansik, Senior, Defense
2012--Scott Shackell, Freshman, Goalie
2012--Ron Fogarty, MCHA Coach of the Year, fifth season
2012 All-Freshmen Team--Shelby Gray, Forward; Scott Shackell, Goalie 
2013--Zach Graham, Senior, Forward (MCHA Player of the Year)
2013--Shaquille Merasty, Freshman, Forward
2013--Scott Shackell, Sophomore, Goalie
2013--Ron Fogarty, MCHA Coach of the Year, sixth season
2013 All-Freshmen Team--Shaquille Merasty, Forward
2014--Duston Hebebrand, Junior, Forward
2014--Ryan Gieseler, Junior, Defense
2014 All-Freshmen Team--Brett Pinkerton, Forward; Michael Hoy, Defense
2015--Kyle Brothers, Freshman, Forward (NCHA Freshman of the Year)
2015--Josh Ranalli, Senior, Forward
2015--Ryan Gieseler, Senior, Defense
2015--Adam Krug, NCHA Coach of the Year, first season
2015 All-Freshmen Team--Kyle Brothers, Forward; Blake Butzow, Defense; Mat Thompson, Forward
2016--Connor Armour, Freshman, Forward (NCHA Freshman of the Year)
2016--Mathew Thompson, Sophomore, Forward
2016--Cory Dunn, Freshman, Defense
2016--Chris Leone, Senior, Defense
2016 All-Freshmen Team--Connor Armour, Forward; Cory Dunn, Defense; Kevin Entmaa, Goalie; Bryan Yim, Forward 
2017--Trevor Boyd, Sophomore, Forward
2017--Cory Dunn, Sophomore, Defense
2017--Kevin Entmaa, Sophomore, Goalie
2017--Bryan Yim, Sophomore, Forward 
2017 All-Freshmen Team--Vincent Paquette (NCHA Freshman of the Year), Forward; Joey Colatarci, Defense
2018--Adam Krug, NCHA Coach of the Year, fourth season
2018--Cory Dunn, Junior, Defense
2018--Taylor McCloy, Senior, Center
2018--Mathew Thompson, Senior, Center (NCHA Player of the Year)
2019--Trevor Boyd, Senior, Left Wing 
2019--Braden Hellems, Senior, Defense
2019--Cory Dunn, Senior, Defense

Academic All-Conference (46 student-athletes 93 times)
2008--Rob Hodnicki, Sophomore, Defense, 
2008--Adam Krug, Junior, Center, 
2009--Eric Bailen, Sophomore, Right Wing
2009--Jeremy Cross, Sophomore, Goalie
2009--Mike Fiorillo, Sophomore, Center
2009--Zach Galia, Sophomore, Defense
2009--Bobby Hineman, Sophomore, Defense
2009--Rob Hodnicki, Junior, Defense
2009--Bradley Houston, Sophomore, Center
2009--Jeremy Klaver, Sophomore, Defense
2009--Adam Krug, Senior, Center,
2009--Sam Kuzyk, Sophomore, Left Wing
2009--Eric Roman, Junior, Defense
2009--Mike Towns, Sophomore, Right Wing
2009--Quinn Waller, Sophomore, Defense, 
2009--Kyle Watson, Sophomore, Left Wing
2009--Joel Workman, Sophomore, Left Wing
2009--Chris Stansik, Sophomore, Defense, 
2010--Jeremy Cross, Junior, Goalie
2010--Zach Galia, Junior, Defense
2010--Bobby Hineman, Junior, Defense
2010--Rob Hodnicki, Senior, Defense, 
2010--Brad Houston, Junior, Center
2010--Jeremy Klaver, Junior, Defense
2010--Sam Kuzyk, Junior, Left Wing
2010--Eric Roman, Junior, Defense
2010--Chris Stansik, Junior, Defense
2010--Mike Towns, Junior, Right Wing
2010--Quinn Waller, Junior, Defense
2010--Kyle Watson, Junior, Left Wing
2010--Joel Workman, Junior, Left Wing
2011--Shawn Courtney, Sophomore, Defense
2011--Jeremy Cross, Senior, Goalie, 
2011--Zach Galia, Senior, Defense
2011--Zach Graham, Sophomore, Forward,
2011--Bobby Hineman, Senior, Defense, 
2011--Brad Houston, Senior, Center
2011--Jeremy Klaver, Senior, Defense,
2011--Sam Kuzyk, Senior, Left Wing, 
2011--Eric Roman, Senior, Defense,
2011--Drew Satterley, Senior, Left Wing,
2011--Mike Towns, Senior, Right Wing, 
2011--Quinn Waller, Senior, Defense, 
2011--Kyle Watson, Senior, Left Wing, 
2011--Joel Workman, Senior, Left Wing, 
2011--Jeff Young, Sophomore, Forward, 
2012--Shawn Courtney, Junior, Defense, 
2012--Zach Graham, Junior, Forward, 
2012--Zach Wilson, Sophomore, Forward,
2013--Zach Graham, Senior, Forward, Secondary Education
2013--Rob Heath, Sophomore, Defense, Business
2013--Dylan Towns, Sophomore, Defense, Business Management
2014--Rob Heath, Junior, Defense, Business
2014--Duston Hebebrand, Junior, Forward, General Studies
2014--Micki Mihailovich, Junior, Defense, Business
2014--Dylan Towns, Junior, Defense, Business Management
2014--Zachary Wilson, Senior, Forward, Criminal Justice
2015--Rob Heath, Senior, Forward, International Business
2015--Jake Flegel, Sophomore, Defense, Business
2015--Austin Hervey, Sophomore, Forward, Accounting
2015--Michael Hoy, Sophomore, Defense, Biology
2015--Brent Sauve, Sophomore, Forward, Business Management
2016--Brent Sauve, Senior, Forward, Business Management (graduated in three years)
2016--Austin Hervey, Junior, Forward, Accounting
2016--Michael Hoy, Junior, Left Defense, Biology
2016--Daniel Lisi, Junior, Left Wing, Accounting
2016--Tyler Parks, Junior, Goalie, Business
2016--Blake Butzow, Sophomore, Left Defense, Exercise Science
2016--Austin Rust, Sophomore, Right Wing, Athletic Training 
2017--Austin Hervey, Senior, Forward, Accounting 
2017--Michael Hoy, Senior, Left Defense, Biology and Spanish
2017--Daniel Lisi, Senior, Left Wing, Accounting
2017--Blake Butzow, Junior, Left Defense, Exercise Science
2017--Austin Rust, Junior, Right Wing, Athletic Training
2017--Trevor Boyd, Sophomore, Left Wing, Finance 
2017--Cameron Cooper, Sophomore, Right Defense, Business
2017--Braden Hellems, Sophomore, Right Defense, Criminal Justice
2017--Chase Matson, Sophomore, Left Wing/Center, Business Management
2017--Bryan Yim, Sophomore, Right Wing/Center, Physics and Engineering
2018--Blake Butzow, Senior, Left Defense, Business Management
2018--Austin Rust, Senior, Right Wing, Exercise Science (pre-professional)
2018--Ryan Cusin, Sophomore, Right Wing, Finance
2018--Cory Dunn, Junior, Defense, Finance
2018--Kevin Entmaa, Junior, Goalie, Business Management
2018--Nick Erb, Junior, Right Wing, Economics minor.
2018--Braden Hellems, Junior, Right Defense, Criminal Justice
2018--Bud Madej, Sophomore, Defense, Business Management
2018--Chase Matson, Junior, Left Wing/Center, Business Management (graduated in three years)
2018--Matt McNair, Sophomore, Forward, Business
2018--Vincent Paquette, Sophomore, Forward, Business
2018--Vinny Post, Sophomore, Right Wing, Marketing
2018--Mathew Thompson, Senior, Center, Sports Management
2018--Bryan Yim, Junior, F, Right Wing/Center, Physics
2019--Nikita Babintsev, Sophomore, international business major.
2019--Trevor Boyd, Senior, finance major with a minor in economics.
2019--Niko Coffman, Junior, accounting major.
2019--Cameron Cooper, Senior, sports management major.
2019--Cory Dunn, Senior finance major.
2019--Kevin Entmaa, Senior, business management major
2019--Nick Erb, Senior, finance major
2019--Braden Hellems, Senior, criminal justice major.
2019--Dean Hewines, Sophomore, majoring in accounting.
2019--Bud Madej, Junior, business management major.
2019--Matt McNair, Junior,accounting
2019--Vincent Paquette, Junior, business
2019--Vinny Post, Junior, finance
2019--Bryce Van Horn, Junior, chemistry.
(Note: In 2009, Bulldogs set conference record with 16 members named) 

MCHA/NCHA Conference All-Tournament Team (23 student-athletes 40 times)
2008--Forward: Eric Miller, Freshman
2008--Defense: Chris Stansik, Freshman
2008--Goalie: Brad Fogal, Freshman,  
2009--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Sophomore forward Eric Miller
2009--Forward: Brad Houston
2009--Forward: Adam Krug
2009--Defense: Quinn Waller
2009--Goalie: Brad Fogal, 
2010--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Junior forward Eric Miller
2010--Forward: Shawn Skelly
2010--Defense: Jeremy Klaver
2011--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Senior forward Shawn Skelly
2011--Forward: Eric Miller, Senior
2011--Forward: Zach Graham
2011--Defense: Jeremy Klaver, 
2011--Goalie: Brad Fogal,
2012--Forward: Shelby Gray
2012--Forward: Zach Graham
2012--Defense: Chris Stansik
2013--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Junior forward Josh Cousineau
2013--Forward: Shaquille Merasty
2013--Forward: Josh Ranalli,
2013--Defense: Chris Leone
2013--Goalie: Scott Shackell
2014--Forward: Josh Ranalli, Junior
2015--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Freshman forward Kyle Brothers
2015--Forward: Josh Ranalli, Senior
2015--Forward: Mathew Thompson, Freshman
2015--Defense: Ryan Gieseler
2016--Tournament Most Valuable Player, Senior defenseman Chris Leone
2016--Forward: Austin Hervey, Junior 
2016--Defense: Cory Dunn, Freshman
2016--Goalie: Kevin Entmaa, Freshman
2017--Forward: Taylor McCloy, Junior
2017--Forward: Mathew Thompson, Junior
2018--Forward: Taylor McCloy, Senior
2018--Forward: Mathew Thompson, Senior 
2018--Defense: Cory Dunn, Junior
2019--Defense: Cory Dunn, Senior
2019--Forward: Dino Balsamo, Junior

(Note: The Midwest Collegiate Hockey Association [MCHA] was renamed the Northern Collegiate Hockey Association [NCHA] effective for the 2013-14 season.)

NCAA Division III Statistical Champions ()
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updated September 2019