Adrian College Bulldogs Men's Lacrosse Tradition and All-Time Honors

NCAA Division III Championship Appearances (4)
2011--First Round (Wittenberg, L 8-7/OT)
2012--First Round (Denison, L 12-11/2OT) 
2013--Second Round (Otterbein, W 14-11; Dickinson, L 20-7)
2014--First Round (Aurora, L 22-13)

Conference Championships (9 titles=5 regular season+4 tournament)
2008--No affiliation
2009--No affiliation
2010--MLC Regular Season (10-3 Overall, 6-0 Conf.)
2011--MLC Regular Season (15-3 Overall, 8-0 Conf.); Tournament: Carthage, 19-6; Mt. St. Joseph, 19-10
2012--MLC Regular Season (17-2 Overall, 9-0 Conf.); Tournament: Concordia-Wis, 20-4; Aurora: 18-8
2013--MIAA Regular Season (14-4 Overall, 6-0 Conf.); Tournament: Hope, 24-12; Albion, 12-10
2014--MIAA Regular Season (13-4 Overall, 6-0 Conf.); Tournament: Olivet, 19-6; Albion, 9-8

All-America (1 student-athletes 2 times)
2012--Coady Adamson, Jr., Midfield (LaxPower Honorable Mention, USILA Honorable Mention)

United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association LaxWorld Senior All-Star Game
2011--Josh Maluta (Naperville, Ill./Neuqua Valley), South Team, A, 70th Annual at Goucher College in Towson, Md. (Note: Only player selected out of the Midwest Lacrosse Conference.)

2012--Coady Adamson (Bowmanville, Ont./St. Stephens), North Team, MF, 71st Annual

2012--Tyler Tanguay (Port Colborne, Ont./Lakeshore Catholic), North Team, MF, 71st Annual 

2013--Brandon MacDonald (Midhurst, Ont./Eastview Secondary), North Team, D, 72nd Annual at Cabrini College in Radnor, Pa.

2013--Adrian receives on Jan. 14 the James "Ace" Adams Award to recognize the lacrosse program that best embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and creates a model game environment.

United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association Division III National Team of the Week
2019--Max Leventis, Fr., Midfielder (Feb. 26); Christian Aurand, Fr., Defender (March 12)

Former Bulldogs in the Professional Ranks
Andrew Suitor, 2008-09 (1st-round pick, 4th overall), National Lacrosse League, Minnesota Swarm, 2010 Draft

Tyler Tanguay (4th-round pick), National Lacrosse League, Minnesota Swarm, 2012 Draft

Mitch Barnard (Free Agent), National Lacrosse League, Buffalo Bandits, 2012 FA signing

Eric Fannell (2nd-round pick, 13th overall), Major League Lacrosse, Rochester Rattlers, 2017 Draft

All-Conference (36 student-athletes 60 times)
2010--D.J. Clevely, So., First Team Attack (MLC Player of the Year) 
2010--David Monroe, So., First Team Attack
2010--Ryan Knautz, Jr., First Team Midfield
2010--Robert O'Meara, Sr., First Team Defense
2010--Ryan Werhane, So., First Team Short-Stick Specialist
2010--Dustin Dulinski, Sr., First Team Long-Stick Midfielder
2010--Josh Maluta, Jr., Second Team Attack
2010--Tyler Tanguay, So., Second Team Midfield
2010--Adam Hague, So., Second Team Defense
2010--Pat Gaeger, So., Second Team Goalie
2010--T.J. Cook, So., Honorable Mention Attack
2010--Scott Krystiniak, So., Honorable Mention Midfield
2010--Nate Holmes So., Honorable Mention Defense
2010--Brendan Hayes, MLC Coach of the Year, first season 
2011--David Monroe, Jr., First Team Attack
2011--Josh Maluta, Sr., First Team Attack
2011--Tyler Tanguay, Jr., First Team Midfield
2011--Adam Hague, Sr., First Team Defense
2011--Brandon MacDonald, So., First Team Long-Stick Midfielder
2011--Mitch Barnard, Jr., First Team Short-Stick Specialist
2011--T.J. Cook, Jr., Honorable Mention Attack
2011--Matthew Neal, Fr., Honorable Mention Goalie
2011--Ryan Werhane, Jr., Honorable Mention Short-Stick Specialist
2012--Coady Adamson, Jr., First Team Midfield (MLC Offensive Player of the Year)
2012--David Monroe, Sr., First Team Attack 
2012--Mitch Barnard, Sr., First Team Face-Off Specialist
2012--Brandon MacDonald, Jr., First Team Defense
2012--Kevin Lerg, So., First Team Goalie
2012--John Hudzinski, Jr., Second Team Attack
2012--T.J. Cook, Sr., Honorable Mention Attack
2012--Nicholas Frontczak, So., Honorable Mention Midfield
2012--Cody Kilcoyne, So., Honorable Mention Midfield
2012--Tyler Tanguay, Sr., Honorable Mention Midfield
2013--Cody Kilcoyne, Jr., First Team Attack (MIAA Offensive Player of the Year)
2013--Brandon MacDonald, Sr., First Team Defense (MIAA Defensive Player of the Year)
2013--Drake Dailey-Chwalibog, Jr., First Team Midfield
2013--Tom Thielman, Jr., First Team Midfield
2013--Jeff Ulfig, Sr., First Team Short-Stick Specialist
2013--Matt Hamilton, Sr., First Team Defense
2013--Brandon Parnham, So., Second Team Long-Stick Midfielder
2013--Lido Aldini, Jr., Second Team Defense
2013--Kevin Lerg, Jr., Second Team Goalie
2014--Eric Fannell, Fr., First Team Attack (MIAA Offensive Player of the Year)
2014--Brandon Parnham, Jr., First Team Defense (MIAA Defensive Player of the Year)
2014--Drake Dailey-Chawlibog, Sr., First Team Midfield
2014--Nick Frontczak, Sr., First Team Short-Stick Specialist
2014--Mitch Burgin, Jr., Second Team Attack
2014--Tom Thielman, Sr., Second Team Midfield
2014--Cody Schmitt, Fr., Second Team Long-Stick Midfielder
2014--Max Groves, Fr., Second Team Defense
2014--Kevin Lerg, Jr., Second Team Goalie 
2015--Mitch Burgin, Sr., First Team Attack
2015--Cody Schmitt, So., First Team Long-Stick Midfielder 
2015--Max Groves, So., First Team Defense 
2015--Doug Boyd, Jr., Second Team Attack 
2015--Adam Findlay, So., Second Team Midfield 
2015--Nick Karapas, So., Second Team Midfield 
2015--A.J. Smith, Sr., Second Team Midfield
2016--Cody Schmitt, Jr., First Team Long-Stick Midfielder
2016--Jake Waldrup, Sr., Second Team Midfield
2017--Cody Schmitt, Sr., Second Team Long-Pole Specialist

(Note: Adrian was affiliated with Midwest Lacrosse Conference from 2010-12 and now with Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association since 2013.) 

Academic All-Conference (16 student-athletes 23 times)
2012--Chase Cook, Junior,
2012--Scott Krystiniak, Senior,
2012--Kevin Lerg, Sophomore, 
2012--Mitch Barnard, Senior, 
2012--David Monroe, Senior
2013--Chase Cook, Senior,
2013--Brandon Parnham, Sophomore,
2013--Richard Smith, Freshman,
2013--Thomas Thielman, Junior,
2013--Jake Waldrup Adrian, Freshman, 
2014--Brendan Harvey, Freshman,
2014--Kevin Lerg, Senior,
2014--Brandon Parnham, Junior,
2014--Alex Smith, Senior,
2014--Jake Waldrup, Sophomore,
2015--Luke Bill, Freshman,
2015--Doug Boyd, Junior,
2015--Brandon Parnham, Senior,
2015--Alex Sadie, Sophomore,
2015--A.J. Smith,  Senior,
2015--Jake Waldrup, Junior,
2016--Brett Farrelly, Junior,
2016--Jake Waldrup, Senior,

(Note: In 2012, Adrian led the Midwest Lacrosse Conference with five members by virtue of accumulating a 3.50 GPA or better, and having lettered in the previous season.)

Conference Player(s) of the Week (17 student-athletes 35 times)
2011 Offensive--Josh Maluta, 3/7/11; David Monroe, 3/14/11; Tyler Tanguay, 4/19/11; David Monroe, 4/26/11; David Monroe, 5/10/11
2011 Defensive--Ryan Werhane, 3/22/11; Ryan Werhane, 4/5/11; Matt Neal, 4/26/11; Mitch Barnard, 5/10/11

2012 Offensive--John Hudzinski, 4/9/12; David Monroe, 4/16/12
2012 Defensive--Kevin Lerg, 3/5/12; Brandon MacDonald, 3/12/12; Mitch Barnard, 4/9/12; Brandon MacDonald, 4/23/12

2013 Offensive--Cody Kilcoyne, Week #3; Cody Kilcoyne, Week #4; Cody Kilcoyne, Week #10; Cody Kilcoyne, Week #11; Tom Thielman, Week #13
2013 Defensive--Zach Kozlowski, Week #3; Kevin Lerg, Week #5; Kevin Lerg, Week #7; Zach Kozlowski, Week #13

2014 Offensive--Eric Fannell, Week #5; Mitch Burgin, Week #6; Eric Fannell, Week #7; Mitch Burgin, Week #8; Eric Fannell, Week #12
2014 Defensive--Max Groves, Week #7; Kevin Lerg, Week #9

2015 Offensive--Mitch Burgin, Week #3; Eric Fannell, Week #4 
2015 Defensive--Cody Schmitt, Week #4

2019 Defensive--Max Leventis, Fr., MF, 2/26/19

NCAA Division III National Statistical Champions
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