Adrian College Men's Tennis Tradition And All-Time Honors

All-Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (7 student-athletes 11 times)
1984--Randy Payne, Senior, First Team
1990--Brian Baker, Class, Second Team
2014--Jordan Verbauwhede, Sophomore, Second Team
2014--Joey Loselle, Freshman, Second Team
2015--Joey Loselle, Sophomore, First Team
2015--Michael Mertz, Junior, Second Team
2016--Michael Mertz, Senior, First Team
2016--Joey Loselle, Junior, First Team
2017--Joey Loselle, Senior, First Team
2017--Brandon Brom, Junior, Second Team
2019--Nathan Waterbury, Junior, Second Team

Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association Weekly Awards (5 student-athletes 7 times)
2012--Ryan Delacey, Freshman (Week #5)
2013--Michael Mertz, Freshman (Week #3)
2014--Jordan Verbauwhede, Sophomore (Week #4)
2014--Joey Loselle, Freshman (Week #8)
2016--Michael Mertz, Senior (April 12)
2016--Joey Loselle, Junior (April 19)  
2017--Jeff Sophiea, Junior (April 3)

MIAA Lawrence Green Award (2 student-athletes 2 times)
(This award is based on academic performance in memory of the late Lawrence "Doc" Green, physical educator, athletic trainer and coach at Hope College.)
2003--Jeremy Carroll; 2016 (co-)--Michael Mertz

MIAA Stowe Memorial Award (1 student-athletes once)
(This sportsmanship award is in memory of the late Dr. Allen B. Stowe of Kalamazoo College.)
1984--Randy Payne

Intercollegiate Tennis Association Scholar-Athletes and Academic Team Award (9 student-athletes 13 times ; 2 ITA Academic Team awards) 
2007--Seth Knowles, Class, Major
2007--Daniel V. Krsteski, Class, Major
2014--Spencer Georgetti, Sophomore, Accounting
2014--Troy Gargrave, Sophomore, Accounting
2014--Michael Mertz, Sophomore. Pre Pharmacy
2014--Alex Holdren, Junior, Major
2014--Alex Kret, Freshman, Major
2015--Adrian Bulldogs, ITA Academic Team
2015--Alex Holdren, Senior, Major
2015--Michael Mertz, Junior, Biology
2015--Brandon Brom, Freshman, Accounting
2016--Adrian Bulldogs, ITA Academic Team
2016--Michael Mertz, Senior, Biology
2016--Brandon Brom, Sophomore, Accounting
2016--Mitchel Bulger, Sophomore, Biology
2017--released late summer or early fall

(ITA Scholar-Athlete criteria is that a player must meet the following: [1] be a varsity letterwinner, [2] have a GPA of at least 3.50--on a 4.00 scale--for the current academic year, and 3) enrolled at their present school for at least two semesters. The ITA All-Academic Team award is open to any ITA program that has a cumulative team GPA of 3.20 or above--on a 4.00 scale.)

Updated January 16, 2020