Co-Ed Cheer Travels to Myrtle Beach

Co-Ed Cheer Travels to Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- The Adrian College Co-ed cheer team competed this weekend at Cheer Limited Open College Cheerleading Competition located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The team hit nearly a perfect routine with having one stunt during the cheer portion come down early. Head Coach Regina Smith was proud of the Co-ed Cheer Team for their accomplishments and triumphs they have overcome throughout the year.

Since October, assistant coach Holly Petry has been working rigorously in building the perfect routine and skill sets to compete at the level the team competed this past Friday.

"I am proud of how far the team has come since October 2012, and I am looking forward to them finishing on top next Saturday in Detroit," states Petry. The Co-ed cheer team competed against Florida A&M University who placed second with a score of 99.70, and the University of Guelph of Canada who were the champions of the Co-ed Intermediate Division, with a score of 104.90. Adrian took third place in the division with a score of 90.10.

"This score definitely is an improvement from the beginning of the season," states Smith. "This group of students, is a dream for a coach, they want to learn and be better than the last performance and it showed," says Petry.

Tryouts for co-ed sideline cheer will be coming in April of 2013. For more information contact