Adrian College Women's Hockey Tradition And All-Time Honors

All-America (15 student-athletes 39 times)
2011--Emily Michelin, Freshman, Goalie, AHCA/CCM First Team
2012--Kelly Salis, Senior, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM Second Team
2013--Brittany Zeches, Senior, Goalie, AHCA/CCM First Team 
2013--Alix Vallee, Junior, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM First Team
2014--Alix Vallee, Senior, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM First Team; First Team
2014--Kelsey Kusch, Junior, Forward, First Team; AHCA/CCM Second Team
2014--Kristin Lewicki, Freshman, Forward, All-Rookie Team
2015--Jade Walsh, Sophomore, Goalie, First Team; AHCA/CCM Second Team
2015--Kelsey Kusch, Senior, Forward, USCHO Third Team
2016--Brooke Lupi, Freshman, Forward, Division III Women's Rookie of the Year 
2016--Sydney Smith, Junior, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM First Team; First Team; First Team; HERO Sports
2016--Kristin Lewicki, Junior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team; Second Team; Second Team
2016--Kaylyn Schroka, Junior, Forward, HERO Sports 
2016--Jade Walsh, Junior, Goalie, HERO Sports
2017--Chad Davis, AHCA/CCM Coach of the Year
2017--Kristin Lewicki, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM First Team; First Team (also Division III Women's Player of the Year)
2017--Kelly O'Sullivan, Freshman, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM First Team; Second Team (also Division III Women's Rookie of the Year)
2017--Sydney Smith, Senior, Defenseman, First Team; AHCA/CCM Second Team
2017--Kaylyn Schroka, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team; Second Team 
2017--Sarah Shureb, Senior, Forward, AHCA/CCM Second Team; Second Team 
2017--Brooke Lupi, Sophomore, Forward, Third Team
2018--Kelly O'Sullivan, Sophomore, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM First Team; First Team
2018--Kate Turner, Freshman, Goalie, AHCA/CCM Second Team; First Team (also USCHO All-Rookie Team)
2018--Kristi Zink, Senior, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM Second Team; Third Team
2019--Kelly O'Sullivan, Junior, Defenseman, AHCA/CCM First Team; Third Team
2019--Denisa Jandová, Freshman, Goalie, All-Rookie Team

American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) All-America Scholars (13 student-athletes 14 times)
2017--Brooke Gibson, Senior, Goaltender
2017--Rose Krasofsky, Junior, Forward
2017--Kristin Lewicki, Senior, Forward
2017--Bailey Robertson, Senior, Forward
2017--Anna Shepherd, Freshman, Defenseman
2017--Sarah Shureb, Senior, Forward
2017--Sydney Smith, Senior, Defenseman
2017--Courtney Tyll, Senior, Forward
2017--Lexie Tzafaroglou, Senior, Defenseman
2018--Brianna Buchanan, Sophomore, Forward 
2018--Tory Harshman, Junior, Forward 
2018--Neysa Miller, Freshman, Forward 
2018--Maggie Mitter, Sophomore, Forward 
2018--Anna Shepherd, Sophomore, Defenseman
2019--To be announced All-Region (5 student-athletes 5 times)
2016--Sydney Smith, Junior, All-West First Team Defenseman 
2016--Kristin Lewicki, Junior, All-West First Team Forward
2016-- Jade Walsh, Junior, All-West Second Team Goalie 
2016--Kaylyn Schroka, Junior, All-West Second Team Forward
2016--Logan Taylor, Senior, All-West Third Team Forward Team of the Week
Sydney Smith (Junior Defense) Week of Nov. 10, 2015
Kaylyn Schroka (Junior Forward) Week of Nov. 10, 2015
Brooke Lupi (Freshman Forward) Week of Jan. 19, 2015
Sydney Smith (Junior Defense) Week of Jan. 19, 2016
Sydney Smith (Junior Defense) Week of Feb. 17, 2016
Kristin Lewicki (Junior Forward) Week of Feb. 17, 2016
Jade Walsh (Junior Goaltender) Week of Feb. 23, 2016
Logan Taylor (Senior Forward) Week of Feb. 23, 2016
Shelly Czarnowczan (Freshman Defense) Week of Mar. 9, 2016

Kaylyn Schroka (Senior Forward) Week of Nov. 25, 2016
Kelly O’Sullivan (Freshman Defense) Week of Nov. 25, 2016
Kelly O’Sullivan (Freshman Defense) Week of Nov. 30, 2016
Brooke Lupi (Sophomore Forward) Week of Jan. 11, 2017
Sydney Smith (Senior Defense) Week of Feb. 1, 2017
Kristin Lewicki (Senior Forward) Week of Feb. 22, 2017
Kelly O’Sullivan (Freshman Defense) Week of Feb. 22, 2017

Kelly O’Sullivan (Sophomore Defense) Week of Nov. 1, 2017
Kate Turner (Freshman Goaltender) Week of Nov. 1, 2017
Tory Harshman (Junior Forward) Week of Nov. 28, 2017
Kelly O’Sullivan (Sophomore Defense) Week of Jan. 24, 2018
Kelly O’Sullivan (Sophomore Defense) Week of Feb. 7, 2018

Neysa Miller (Sophomore Forward) Week of Nov. 29 

NCAA Division III Championship Appearances (5)
2011--First Round (Rochester Tech, L 10-1)
2016--First Round (Elmira, L 3-1)
2017--National Runner-Up (Plattsburgh State, L 4-3, OT); Semifinals (Gustavus Adolphus, W 3-2, OT); First Round (Elmira, W 5-4, OT)
2018--First Round (vs Elmira, L 2-0)
2019--Third Place game (at St. Thomas-Minn., W 1-0); Semifinals (vs Plattsburgh State, L 4-1), Quarterfinals (at Elmira, W 3-2, OT)

Conference Championships (10= 5 regular-season + 5 postseason)
2011--O'Brien Cup Tournament (19-8-3 Overall, 13-4-3 NCHA)
2015--Kronschnabel Trophy Regular-Season (16-1-1 NCHA, 25-3-1 Overall)
2016--Kronschnabel Trophy Regular-Season (15-0-3 NCHA, 20-2-4 Overall), Slaats Cup Tournament
2017--Kronschnabel Trophy Regular-Season (18-0 NCHA, 28-3 Overall), Slaats Cup Tournament
2018--Kronschnabel Trophy Regular-Season (16-1-1 NCHA, 22-5-1 Overall), Slaats Cup Tournament
2019--Kronschnabel Trophy Regular-Season (15-1-2 NCHA, 24-5-2 Overall), Slaats Cup Tournament
(Note: Adrian did not have conference affiliation in 2008 and '09) 

All-Conference (28 student-athletes 43 times, including 2 Players of the Year, 4 Rookies of the Year, and 4 Coaches of the Year)
2010--Brooke Zaleski, Sophomore, Forward
2010--Kelly Salis, Sophomore, Defense
2010--Jessica Grubbs, Junior, Honorable Mention Forward
2010--Dana Funkenhauser, Junior, Honorable Mention Defenseman
2010--Dana Timm, Senior, Honorable Mention Goalie
2011--Kelly Salis, Junior, Defense
2011--Emily Michelin, Freshman, Goalie
2011--Stacey Kempson, Senior, Honorable Mention Forward
2011--Olivia Rork, Junior, Honorable Mention Forward  
2011 All-Freshmen Team--Emily Michelin, Goalie
2012--Olivia Rork, Senior, Forward
2012--Kelly Salis, Senior, Defense
2012--Brittany Zeches, Senior, Goalie
2012--Hannah McGowan, Freshman, Honorable Mention Forward 
2012 All-Freshmen Team--Courtney Millar, Defense; Hannah McGowan, Forward
2013--Brittany Zeches, Senior, Goalie (NCHA Player of the Year)
2013--Kelsey Kusch, Sophomore, Forward
2013--Alix Vallee, Junior, Defense
2013--Danielle Smith, Junior, Honorable Mention Forward
2013--Kristin Maton, Senior, Honorable Mention Defenseman
2014--Kelsey Kusch, Junior, Forward
2014--Alix Vallee, Senior, Defense
2014 All-Freshmen Team--Kristin Lewicki, Forward and Rookie of the Year, Lexie Tzafaroglou, Defense
2015--Chad Davis, NCHA Coach of the Year, fifth season
2015--Kelsey Kusch, Senior, Forward
2015--Kristin Lewicki, Sophomore, Forward
2015--Sydney Smith, Sophomore, Defense
2015--Lexie Tzafaroglou, Sophomore, Defense
2015--Jade Walsh, Sophomore, Goalie
2016--Chad Davis, NCHA Coach of the Year, sixth season
2016 All-Freshmen Team--Brooke Lupi, Forward (NCHA Rookie of the Year)
2016--Kristi Zink, Sophomore, Defense
2016--Sydney Smith, Junior, Defense
2016--Kaylyn Schroka, Junior, Forward
2016--Kristin Lewicki, Junior, Forward 
2017--Chad Davis, NCHA Coach of the Year, seventh season
2017--Sydney Smith, Senior, Defense
2017--Kaylyn Schroka, Senior, Forward
2017--Kristin Lewicki, Senior, Forward
2017--Kelly O'Sullivan, Freshman, Defense
2017--Sarah Shureb, Senior, Forward
2017--Brooke Gibson, Senior, Goalie 
2017 All-Freshmen Team--Kelly O'Sullivan, Defense (NCHA Rookie of the Year)
2018--Chad Davis, NCHA Coach of the Year, eighth season
2018--Olivia Fox, Senior, Forward
2018--Tory Harshman, Junior, Forward
2018--Kelly O'Sullivan, Sophomore, Defense
2018--Kristi Zink, Senior, Defense
2018--Kate Turner, Freshman, Goalie
2018 All-Freshmen Team--Kate Turner, Goalie (NCHA Rookie of the Year); Brooke Schembri, Forward 
2019--Shelly Czarnowczan, Senior, Defense
2019--Kelly O'Sullivan, Junior, Defense
2019--Denisa Jandova, Freshman, Goalie
2019 All-Freshmen Team--Julia Barrett, Defense; Denisa Jandova, Goalie
(Note: Adrian did not have conference affiliation in 2008 and '09) 

Academic All-Conference (44 student-athletes 77 times) 
2010--Lauren Anastos, Junior, Forward (Farmington Hills, Mich), Biology
2010--Jessica Grubbs, Junior, Forward (Woodbridge, Va.), Athletic Training
2010--Danielle Maludy, Junior, Defense (Maumee, Ohio), Interior Design
2010--Nikki Potter, Sophomore, Defense (Canton, Mich.), Exercise Science 
2010--Dana Timm, Senior, Goalie (Southgate, Mich.), Argumentation and Advocacy
2011--Shana Davis, Junior, Forward (Casselberry, Fla.), Psychology and Business
2011--Meghan Smerecki, Junior, Goalie (Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.), Exercise Science 
2011--Lauren Anastos, Senior, Forward (Farmington Hills, Mich), Biology
2011--Jessica Grubbs, Senior, Forward (Woodbridge, Va.), Physical Therapy
2011--Danielle Maludy, Senior, Defense (Maumee, Ohio), Interior Design 
2012--Ashley Chinn, Junior, Forward (Fort Bragg, N.C.), Health Studies
2012--Sarah Connelly, Sophomore, Forward (Commerce, Mich.), Health Studies
2012--Emily Engel, Senior, Goalie (Mentor, Ohio), Biology
2012--Ashley Gniewek, Junior, Forward (Southgate, Mich.), Exercise Science 
2012--Brittany Zeches, Senior, Goalie (Westland, Mich.), Education
2012--Shana Davis, Junior, Forward (Casselberry, Fla.), Psychology and Business
2013--Lauren Turner, Junior, Forward (Thunder Bay, Ontario), Exercise Science
2013--Alexandra Vallee, Junior, Defense (Belleville, Ontario), Economics
2013--Sarah Connelly, Senior, Forward (Commerce, Mich.), Health Studies
2014--Kelsey Dupuis, Junior, Defense (Glenview, Ill.), Secondary Education-English
2014--Kelsey Kusch, Junior, Forward (St. Clair Shores, Mich.), Excercise Science
2014--Hannah McGowan, Junior, Forward (Redford, Mich.), Physical Education
2014--Lauren Turner, Senior, Forward (Thunder Bay, Ontario), Exercise Science
2014--Alexandra Vallee, Senior, Defense (Belleville, Ontario), Economics
2015--Sydney Dobbin, Sophomore, Defense (London, Ontario), Criminal Justice
2015--Emily Duncan, Sophomore, Forward (Alpena, Mich.), Biology
2015--Kelsey Dupuis, Senior, Defense (Glenview, Ill.), Secondary Education-English
2015--Brooke Gibson, Sophomore, Goalie (Strathroy, Ontario), Criminal Justice
2015--Lexie Tzafargolou, Sophomore, Defense (Livonia, Mich.), Biology
2015--Logan Taylor, Junior, Forward (Grosse Ile, Mich.), 
2015--Sydney Smith, Sophomore, Defense (Sarnia, Ontario), English Education
2015--Kelsey Kusch, Senior, Forward (St. Clair Shores, Mich.), Excercise Science
2015--Michelle Jones, Junior, Forward (Nelson, British Columbia), 
2015--Hannah McGowan, Senior, Forward (Redford, Mich.), Physical Education
2015--Bailey Robertson, Sophomore, Forward (Orange, Calif.), Athletic Training
2016--Emily Duncan, Junior, Forward (Alpena, Mich.), Biology
2016--Kelsey Dupuis, Fifth-Year Senior, Defense (Glenview, Ill.), Secondary Education-English
2016--Brooke Gibson, Junior, Goalie (Strathroy, Ontario), Psychology
2016--Rose Krasofsky, Sophomore, Forward (Plymouth, Mich.), Business
2016--Bailey Robertson, Junior, Forward (Orange, Calif.), Athletic Training
2016--Sydney Smith, Junior, Defense (Sarnia, Ontario), English Education
2016--Logan Taylor, Senior, Forward (Grosse Ile, Mich.), Business Management
2016--Courtney Tyll, Junior, Forward (Chesterfield, Mich.), Business Management
2016--Lexie Tzafaroglou, Junior, Defense (Livonia, Mich.), Biology
2016--Kristi Zink, Sophomore, Defense (Canton, Mich.), Biology
2017--Emily Duncan, Senior, Forward, (Alpena, Mich.), Biology
2017--Brooke Gibson, Senior, Goalie (Strathroy, Ontario), Psychology
2017--Bailey Robertson, Senior, Forward (Orange, Calif.), Athletic Training
2017--Sydney Smith, Senior, Defense (Sarnia, Ontario), English Education
2017--Lexie Tzafaroglou, Senior, Defense (Livonia, Mich.), Biology
2017--Rose Krasofsky, Junior, Forward (Plymouth, Mich.), Business
2017--Courtney Tyll, Senior, Forward (Chesterfield, Mich.), Business Management
2017--Kristi Zink, Junior, Defense (Canton, Mich.), Biology
2017--Kristin Lewicki, Senior, Forward (Moundsville, W.Va.), Criminal Justice
2017--Kayla Murray, Sophomore, Forward (Beaver Dam, Wis.), Exercise Science  
2017--Annie Rademacher, Sophomore, Goalie (Grand Rapids, Mich.), Biology
2017--Sarah Shureb, Senior, Forward (Livonia, Mich.), Sports Management
2018--Rose Krasofsky, Senior, Forward (Plymouth, Mich.), Business Management
2018--Kristi Zink, Senior, Defense (Canton, Mich.), Biology
2018--Hannah Dalrymple, Junior (Ellie, Manitoba), Teacher Education
2018--Kortney Diaz, Junior (Walled Lake, Mich.), Secondary Education and Mathematics
2018--Tory Harshman, Junior (Owen Sound, Ontario), Criminal Justice
2018--Brianna Buchanan, Sophomore (Livonia, Mich.), Biology
2018--Maggie Mitter, Sophomore (Howell, Mich.), Health Administration
2018--Kelly O'Sullivan, Sophomore (Inverness, Ill.), Business
2018--Anna Shepherd, Sophomore (Sugar Land, Texas), Business Management
2018--Jacqueline White, Sophomore (Royal Oak, Mich.), Exercise Science
2019--Hannah Dalrymple, Senior (Ellie, Manitoba), Language Arts
2019--Brianna Buchanan, Junior (Livonia, Mich.), Biology
2019--Maggie Mitter, Junior (Howell, Mich.), Health Administration
2019--Kelly O'Sullivan, Junior (Inverness, Ill.), Business Marketing
2019--Anna Shepherd, Junior (Sugar Land, Texas), Business Management
2019--Sydney Daversa, Sophomore (Southgate, Mich.), Accounting 
2019--Mia Glassco, Sophomore (Bentleyville, Ohio), Accounting
2019--Neysa Miller, Sophomore (Williamston, Mich.), Biology Pre-med
2019--Brooke Schembri, Sophomore (Canton, Mich.), Business
2019--Tory Harshman, Senior (Owen Sound, Ontario), Criminal Justice
(Notes: Adrian did not have conference affiliation in 2008 and '09; Bulldogs led league in 2018 with 10 selections.)  

NCHA Conference All-Tournament Team (13 student-athletes 16 times)
2010--not available
2011--not available
2012--not available
2013--not available
2016--Kristin Lewicki, Junior, Forward 
2016--Kaylyn Schroka, Junior, Forward
2016--Shelly Czarnowczan, Freshman, Forward
2016--Jade Walsh (Most Valuable Player), Junior, Goalie
2017--Brooke Lupi, Sophomore, Forward
2017--Kristin Lewicki (Most Valuable Player), Senior, Forward
2017--Sydney Smith, Senior, Defense 
2017--Kelly O'Sullivan, Freshman, Defense
2017--Brooke Gibson, Senior, Goalie
2018--Brianna Buchanan, Sophomore, Forward
2018--Kelly O'Sullivan, Sophomore, Defense
2018--Kristi Zink, Senior, Defense
2018--Kate Turner, Freshman, Goalie
2019--Jacqueline White, Junior, Forward (Most Valuable Player) 
2019--Brianna Buchanan, Junior, Forward  
2019--Rylee Bates, Junior, Defense
(Note: Adrian did not have conference affiliation in 2008 and '09) 

All-Time Letterwinners
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Updated August 2019