Women's Rowing Makes Home Debut in Scrimmage Versus Case Western Reserve University

The Adrian College women's varsity 4+ warms up before a race in its first home appearance on Devils Lake. (Action photo by Hollie Smith)
The Adrian College women's varsity 4+ warms up before a race in its first home appearance on Devils Lake. (Action photo by Hollie Smith)

MANITOU BEACH, Mich.--The Adrian College women's rowing team opened its home racing schedule this past weekend against Case Western Reserve University in a scrimmage. The Devils Lake course was 3,500 meters, with the exception of the last race which was shortened to 2,800m due to low-light conditions. The visiting Spartans performed well, taking all four races against a very young Bulldogs squad.

“First, a major credit to Case on a well-rowed dual race because they were the deserving victors,” Adrian first-year head coach Bart Thompson said. “Our ladies represented themselves well today given the circumstances. Due to a number of illnesses this past week, only one of our four race lineups was actually able to practice as a unit this past week. Any time you have to race without any practice in that specific order of rowers it creates a challenge. Add to that the fact that we have a large number of novices on the team for whom this was their first-ever rowing race, as well as the experience of Case and their success at club nationals last year, and it was a good learning experience for our team.”

The first event of the day featured the Bulldogs’ novice 8+ racing against Case Western’s second varsity 8+. The Spartans won the event, finishing in 13 minutes and 28 seconds compared to the Bulldogs' 15:49.

“In rowing, it is not uncommon for two teams to match whichever crews they have in an effort to get every rower a race,” stated Thompson. “In this case, Case had a second varsity 8+, while we had a novice 8+. Considering that their crew featured rowers who had been rowing for one to three years, while our crew was composed entirely of girls who have been rowing for about five weeks. As such, getting the win was not the top priority for our girls—rowing well and together was. In this objective they performed quite well.”

The crew was comprised of sophomore Kinza Parker (coxswain), freshmen Kara Geyer, Heather Temar, Olivia Fox, Madi Boettcher, sophomore Amelia Viar, seniors Mikayla Herig, Hope Hornish and freshman Abby Deslippe.

In the women’s varsity 4+, the Bulldogs’ crew of freshmen Athena Flaishans (coxswain), Allie Saff, Hannah Heller, Kacie Salon and Grace Cool finished in 14:39, behind the two crews from CWRU who finished in 14:20 and 14:34.

“Credit goes to Case for the depth they displayed in this race. That’s great work on their part," stated Thompson. "Due to an illness in our lineup, this crew had never practiced as a unit until they launched for the race. On top of that, Case sent its Varsity 4+ to club nationals last year, where they performed well. Given those circumstances our results are a bit more understandable."

In the women’s novice 4+, the Adrian crew finished behind the Spartans in a well-fought race, finishing in 17:30 compared to the Bulldogs 17:00. Adrian's lineup was Parker (coxswain), Geyer, Maloney, Viar and Deslippe.

“Rowing in the 4+ for the first time as a lineup is not easy for novices,” said Thompson. “For some of these ladies they’ve only been in a 4+ a couple times. As such, I’m proud of the effort they showed in this race. Credit to our coxswain, Kinza Parker, for pushing the crew to achieve their best all the way through the finish line.”

In the final race of the day, the women’s varsity 8+, Case once again took the victory in 10:09 on a shortened course due to low-light conditions, with Adrian finishing in 11:26. The Bulldogs' lineup featured Flaishans (coxswain), Saff, freshman Emily Reese, Heller, Maloney, Fox, Temar, Salon and Cool.

Thompson commented, “Given that the crew currently features three true novices, we believe that our varsity 8+ is going to be a boat that should continue to improve as the year goes on. These novices have developed quite impressively for their relative inexperience, and we anticipate that they will continue to do so as the year progresses.”

The Bulldogs will now have a couple weeks off from racing before returning on Saturday, Oct. 27, at the Muskie Chase in Marietta, Ohio.

Race Results (in order of racing):

  • Women’s Novice 8+/2nd Varsity 8+: Case 14:06, Adrian 14:30
  • Women’s Varsity 4+: Case ‘A’ 14:20, Case ‘B’ 14:34, Adrian 14:39
  • Women’s Novice 4+: Case 17:00, Adrian 17:30
  • Women’s Varsity 8+: Case 10:09, Adrian 11:26

Case Western was added to the Adrian schedule after the Oct. 14 Head of the Rock Regatta in Rockford, Ill., was canceled due to flooding in the area.

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