Costa Rica Women's Volleyball Journal

Costa Rica Women's Volleyball Journal

Day 5 and 6 (Nicole Motz)
We started our journey to the Pacific shore of Costa Rica. We stopped at an alligator bridge where more than 30 alligators live under this bridge that has now become a tourist attraction. We had smoothies and lunch overlooking the beach and then checked into our hotel. To start our beach experience we did a team workout on the sand and in the ocean. We then had an afternoon jumping in the waves as it started to ran. Pizza was for dinner overlooking a marina. 

Bright and early we walked to the National Park. The morning was filled with hiking, sweating and a beautiful beach. We saw monkeys, sloths and iguanas! The afternoon was spent enjoying the beach. Some tried surfing! We had dinner at El Avión which is popular because of the airplane in the middle of the restaurant. We headed to a karaoke bar to end our weekend at the beach. Fun Fun Fun!

Day 4 (Jordan Busse)

We started off with breakfast at the Hotel La Fortuna. We then headed off for a two-hour bus ride to Naranjo-Espiritu Santo for our coffee tour at 11 a.m. When we arrived we were greeted by a man named Jose. He was our tour guide, he first explained how to plant a coffee plant, showed us how to pick the beans and we also got to see how it was brewed without a coffee maker, and taste the coffee that came from the farm. He then processed to tell us some interesting facts about the farm. They have about 7,000 plants in a hecker, which is about 2.5 acres. They harvest these plants from November to March and they spend about 8-10 hours a day in the fields picking coffee beans. He explained to us how difficult and time consuming the coffee process is and definitely changed our teams prospective on coffee. 

We then went to lunch which was located on the farm, where they prepared a traditional meal with beans and rice, a meat, and a vegetable. 

After lunch we then headed back to San Jose for some down time at the hotel. We then went and played the national team which was a great experience and everyone had a great time. Today was a great day overall and I am really looking forward to our beach day tomorrow.

Day three in Costa Rica was an unforgettable experience. We woke up for an early breakfast and then spent a few hours driving out of the city towards La Fortuna, which is filled with rugged terrain and dense rainforest. Once we got there we went on a zip lining tour through the mountains, quite literally swinging from one peak to the next. We went over waterfalls and under trees, taking in some of the most breathtaking views you can find on the planet. Once we finished there we learned about an indigenous people who live in Costa Rica called the Malek, who make beautiful pieces of artwork furnished from blocks of wood. After this we went to the Baldi Resort for a delicious dinner, and spent several hours there relaxing in the natural hot springs and sliding down the crazy waterslides. To say that today was amazing would be an understatement. The adventures we shared will be never be forgotten, and many of us will be able to cross some things off of our bucket lists! It was a great day to be a Bulldog down here in Costa Rica.

Day 2 (Jordan Brisson)
Our first full day in Costa Rica was nothing less than amazing. Waking up to sunshine and a delicious breakfast, we departed for our first clinic at 8 a.m. The views on the way were amazing! Good enough that we all pulled out our iPhones to capture the beauty. 

As we pulled up, none of us knew what to expect and we all were a little nervous knowing there was a language barrier between us and the kids. We were greeted by Roger, our very enthusiastic instructor who made us all feel welcome and comfortable. The clinic began with some games that the kids and volleyball girls loved! Afterwards, we taught the kids the game of volleyball. We were all shocked how well they picked up everything and how enthusiastic they were to learn! It was a fun experience.

Back at the hotel, we were able to relax by the pool and enjoy some sunshine before our first match against a Costa Rica club volleyball team. The facility was different than anything any of us have ever played in before. To say the least, it was a great way to open our 2015 season in such a different environment with girls we've never played against before. After the game was over, we introduced ourselves to the Costa Rica team and exchanged numbers and of course snapchat! Overall, today was an adventure that made us realized how privileged and blessed we are in the United States.


Day 1 (Chelsea Jordan)
At 6 a.m. in the morning our first flight left from Detroit destined for Atlanta, Georgia. From there we departed for our adventure to San Jose, Costa Rica. 

We got to experience Costa Rican food for lunch when we had delicious chicken and ham sandwiches with blackberry or pear juice. Our dinner was also unique Costa Rican food at a buffet style restaurant. 

Our first practice as a team was a success considering we had to make some adjustments with a new environment and new balls. 

Overall Day 1 of ACVB's adventure in Costa Rica was a good one and we can't wait to experience more tomorrow!

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